No matter what your story is: if you can think it, we can film it! 

Let us tell your story through high quality film and video productions!
Whether it’s a brand, product, company, event, location or people.. we always make sure we have the right people with the right gear filming your project.

For every project, we decide which gear would fit the production and budget best. From a simple 4K GH5S run & gun setup to a high end 6K RED Epic Dragon set… we can make it happen!


Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell!

And what better way then to tell that stories through film and video! 
We research your brand identity and make sure we capture the essence of your brand and bring it to your targeted audience.


Let us capture those unforgettable moments..

That special vibe..
the beautiful stages and decorations….
the happiness in that person’s eye..
that artist that knows he’s about to blow up the stage..

Let us film and capture your festival, party or event!

aftermovies / recaps / promofilms / dj’s / artists / bookers / labels 


Let us translate your song into a strong image and an even stronger story that will move the viewer!

We make sure we capture the strenght of your song and compliment it with the right imagery. Starting with a script, we then work our way through the process together and we even let you say those magic words: “It’s a wrap!”

filmmaker / cinematographer / editor Jeroen Niessink

Driven by an enormous passion for filmmaking; we love to tell your story! We always aim for the best quality, working with a strong network of experienced professionals.

Full Force Films is a creative film production company, owned by filmmaker Jeroen Niessink and based in Enschede, The Netherlands.